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Relocating to Charleston, South Carolina A move with a business or for a better position, a warmer climate, retirement, the end of a relationship or the start of a new one, whatever the reason, relocating is not a minor undertaking. There are emotional, financial and practical aspects of a move to be considered. Where will my children attend school? Will I be able to find employment? What will my commute to work entail? What are the property values and tax rates? Where is the right neighborhood in Charleston, South Carolina for us? The listings below will guide you to the resources you need!

Since the end of the 1980's, the word has been slowly getting out that the Carolinas, Charleston, South Carolina and her surrounding areas, in particular, has much to offer as all her industries continue to grow. Through this gradual population growth, infrastructure has kept pace with the addition of new civil servant forces, schools and a countrywide recruitment of quality teachers. Historically a college town, due to the increase in the graduating high school student body, Charleston's college industry has experienced an expansion as well, so all of the satellite operations fuelled by a college community also continue to grow and thrive.

Of course the gradual influx of talented workforce to support this continual growth has created a recent boon to the construction of new businesses and homes. And while Charleston proper has a most enjoyable array of highly rated hotels, award-winning restaurants, museums and art galleries, tony shopping and entertainment and attractions galore for those who desire culture and entertainment, a twenty minute drive will take one to greener neighborhoods, a thirty minute drive will open to some more rural areas, an hour-long drive will bring one past rolling pastures. Inside of 90 minutes from Charleston, one can begin to experience the grandeur of the mountains of northwest South Carolina. This proximity of the bustling city to the bosom of nature has made South Carolina a sportsman's and outdoorsman's paradise; also a broadening industry for the state. There are many new and more established neighborhoods from which to choose a new home but there is still ample space and land within commuting distance to Charleston or her surrounding communities to find a sizable piece of land to build a dream home. A bit further out from Charleston, and during the winter months, a day trip will even afford skiing if one so desired. A trip from the beaches to the mountains and back is entirely doable in one day's time.

I'm sure its possible to drive from the beach to the mountains somewhere in New England, however the beaches of South Carolina are actually a pleasant temperature to stroll and search for seashells even in the winter months. The roads here are passable from November through March and never need plowing. The west coast, I'm sure, has its spots as well but if one is thinking of relocating, Charleston and surrounding areas has the unique possibility of offering an exciting growing community where the real estate values are still quite affordable.

As the diversity of the landscape offers a dichotomy of adventures, so too does the community itself. Art walks every month for the culture minded and antiques for the collector, auctions for the treasure seeker and events for virtually every possible interest from bridal shows, home tours and flower festivals to sportsmen's events and contests from the farmer's market to support the agricultural community to blues bashes and the renowned Spoleto for music and art lovers, there is an event that draws revenue, entertains the public and builds the Charleston community every month of the calendar year.

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